The river swelled, swirled and stripped away everything in its path… In December 2014, entire villages were wiped out overnight and more than half a million people had to be rescued during the Yellow Flood in the state of Kelantan, Malaysia.

The book represents an invaluable written record that combines illustrations, photographs and poems about the disaster that struck without warning. It was produced to share the experience the people went through and the proceeds of sales are used to raise funds for the recovery of flood victims.

Book Cover Design
– The design and publication was produced with eco features.
– The size is according to publication house brand size and is most cost effective in terms of paper wastage.
– The cover material – grey natural recycled chipboard FCS Mix Credit in raw finish and brown spine – reflects the muddy waters of the yellow flood and the sombreness of the aftermath.
– As the book is highly pictorial it was made to look like an old photo album with a finish of silver corners.
– The text in bronze patina hot stamping was aimed at giving significance to and highlighting the important documentation.
– The chosen title – in Bahasa Malaysia (the national language) and English. A popular Malay proverb that literally means ‚when it rains, the river flow changes‘ was adapted to a serious caption that means ‚once it floods, the sandbank changes forever‘. This conveys the underlying meaning that if we do not value and take care of our precious heritage, we will end up losing it.
– The printed 4-colour sticker picture was placed in a debossed frame to grab the attention and provide a contrast to the grey board background.
– The cover is related to content – the picture chosen was of the highest railway bridge covered in tonnes of flood debris, proof that the river rose more than 30 metres above its normal level!
– Spine – functional, clean cut, glued to edges, making it easily to open without damaging the edges of the board.
– Back cover – the same treatment as the front, plus the picture and text presents a solution to the disaster.
– The book design was adapted into notebooks (3 different sticker covers) as gifts to contributors, sponsors and volunteers.
– The book also won the MAPIM 2015 (Malaysian Scholarly Publishing Council) award for the Best Designed Book category.